It was more than a decade ago when my Uncle bought a house in Coonoor. Since then, it has become a second home, a place to escape the woes of a city and enjoy the peace and serenity of nature and the hills.

I came to Coonoor often over those 10 years, often enough for my friends to poke fun at my multiple visits.

I like to call the four of us: Vikas, Varun, Neel and myself,  The Musketeers.

It was great to take them up to Coonoor and watch the magic of the hills do it’s thing!

The 25th of December, 2015 saw – apparently – the first Chirstmas full moon in more than thirty years (the last one was in 1977). So getting to see such a brilliant full moon on that night was absolutely spectacular.

Vikas and Varun were pretty keen on getting a tent to Coonoor, after spending 15 minutes assembling the tent, and chilling in it for another 20 – it stood empty for the next day, when it was packed up and put back into the car.