These photos are from a concert by an EDM artist known as Pretty Lights. I’ve heard a few songs, which is what prompted me to actually go for the concert, but otherwise, I had no idea what was going to happen.


Oh and the concert was supposed to start at 5. I was there at 5 and I swear, not a single soul was there. They hadn’t even opened the gates.

I had to go back home and then come again at 8pm. Which isn’t an issue unless you realize that as a college student, going back and forwards in Auto rickshaws at 50 buck one-way is kind of a waste of cash.

Smoke Spill (^) was me trying to capture just how amazing the light show was. It was intense.

Confession: When these photos first went up, they had some pretty cool captions. Sadly, they never made it through the reconstruction. Hopefully the new captions meet the mark!