It was the semi-finals of the 2015 Cricket World Cup, India was naturally the favorite (’cause I mean, we’re in India…)

India had had a particularly amazing run in this World Cup, it had managed to secure eleven consecutive victories and had conceded none. People were thrilled, however, I couldn’t help but wonder when the luck would run out.

5 days before the match, someone posted on facebook:

“For those of you who follow cricket and also for those of you who don’t, India are playing Australia in the semi final of the world cup on the 26th. The match starts at 9 in the morning. So , most of us will be in college. How about we wear something blue to college to show our support ? If you have a jersey, nothing like it but anything blue will do.”

When the day of the match came, I reached college around 10 am, the match had been going on for around an hour, and the canteen was packed with students from Liberal Arts and Law.

The group of SSLA Students amazingly enough, were pretty much constant, sure someone might have run off for a class or a yearbook photograph session, but there were 20 people who simply occupied the front and did not budge.

India finished their bowling innings with a difficult score to defend, with 328 runs to beat. It was a steep score to chase and I think everyone knew it.


Our batting inning began slow, and soon enough wickets started falling. I’d leave the analysis to the cricket experts, but it really hammered the moral of the room. The numbers were the same as the afternoon set in, but you could tell that more and more people knew they were watching a Shakespearean tragedy where the hero would probably die.

On the flipside though, the progressively worse situation made people even more enthusiastic whenever the ball was hit.

It didn’t matter if it was a six, a four, or if it didn’t touch the boundary. People were ecstatic.

I’m not a major cricket buff, so I spent most of my time facing the crowds, getting photographs of their reactions and change in emotions. It’s always fun to take photos of cheering people, but it’s even more interesting to get those same peoples faces when their team is losing. Yes, this is a dark opinion… but it’s kind of true.