The Monochrome Days

On May 4th, I proudly announced the start of an event which I’d titled ‘The Monochrome Days’, it was supposed to run for 15 days where I would go out and shoot in order to gather more experience with Black and White colours (Oxymoron this ain’t)

Unfortunately I underestimated the attention my exams would have on my time and as a result, after three days of shooting, I missed one day. This was followed by another and another.

Before I knew it The Monochrome Days was over, a concept that died slowly because I’d planned it poorly.

Despite having failed to complete fifteen days of monochrome, I did manage to do it for 5 days. From those five days, I did make a considerable shift in how I understood black and white, how the contrast works and how to compose some of those shots.

Not to mention it was a really great fun project to have taken up before leaving Pune.