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Preventing atrophy

It’s been a while since I actually stepped outside and took photos of the ‘Maximum’ City that I live in. For me there is certainly a magic of Bombay, but I have a feeling that it’ll only ever see itself fully realized when I can actually live; Continue Reading…

Priceless Sunrise

Few Hours to Bhimashankar

Treks are one thing I wish I had done more of in college. Pune is perfectly located close enough to the Western Ghats that a trek is always possible. Even with one day.

I think while in college, I did around 8 treks over four years. That’s pathetic considering the potential treks are limitless. Continue Reading…

Hit List

Inherent Beauty of Others

So, I’ve never really been a people photographer kind of person. I’ve definitely taken photos of people in candid and natural environments, but this was going to be the first time that I was really going to be looking at my subject, and my subject looking back at me, knowing I was taking their photo. Continue Reading…