“The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness ”

– Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Just who is Virpratap?

First of all, It’s Virpratap Vikram Singh.
Virpratap 004

Hey there! Thanks for checking out the site!

I’ve been taking photographs for more than a decade and have finally decided to showcase my work on a dedicated site of its own.

The only problem is, I like to dabble in many forms of media, so along with the photographs, you’ll find articles that I’ve written, videos that I’ve made and perhaps even the odd podcast! Nothing is for certain when you’ve got all the possibilities ahead of you.

I’ve just completed my graduation from the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, where I majored in Media Studies and minored in International Relations. Needless to say, I did much more than just study – but you can find more details of that in my resume!

Take a look around, feel free to contact me if you have something to say! I always appreciate honest feedback!


Photography is one of my deepest passions, I’ve been doing it for more than ten years and I’ve loved every moment of it. Without any formal education in photography I had to move from camera to camera, learning as I went, until I reached where I am today!


Writing is perhaps my most versatile skill, with it, I’m able to express myself in whatever way I feel necessary. Be it a blog post, a research paper, a news article or a policy document. Be sure to check out the Blarg for more!


At my core, I am a citizen of the world. I’ve grown up across it and have found homes in all corners of it. Whenever I have the time, you can be sure that I’m planning my next trip to a part of the world I’ve never seen before.